We assess all kinds of projects, ranging from scratch building to minor touch up job.  In addition, we also comprise an in-house carpentry workshop to ensure quality products to meet our clients’ needs.


Experienced and Creative, we LISTEN to your needs and translate this into the home that will make you happy.  We integrate the entire design process to what’s possible to give you the dream home you deserve.

In designing your home you are creating the haven you want to come back to – we work with you to create the perfect solution to all your needs.

We have the experience with JTC, URA, HDB, BCA and many other landlords and regulatory agencies to help you to submit the needed applications, permits and plans to get your renovations approved – quickly, easily and without stress.

Doing additions and alterations?  Want the best work with the minimum of inconvenience?  Then Olio is your obvious choice – with our skilled designers and team of experienced carpenters we offer an A&A service second to none, in terms of quality and reliability you’ll be glad you saw us first.

Your time is valuable – is it not?  Working with an experienced team that understands construction, M&E works, A&A, renovation and carpentry not only saves you time – it also saves your stress, aggravation and the costly mistakes of inexperience.  Work with our professional and friendly project managers to guarantee the best result.

We bring rental units back to their original condition quickly, effectively and economically.  When returning your unit to the landlord, do it right the first time with Olio to avoid costly penalties and unneeded stress.

Do you want to create a specific mood or “ambience” for your hospitality, office or retail space?  This is what an ambience consultation is all about – the use of design, lighting, materials and space planning to put your visitors / customers in a particular mood and show your brand’s personality to best effect.

In each and every renovation, A&A project, touch-up, reinstatement and rebuild there are many different contractors with different expertise and roles that need to work together for success.  Proper co-ordination is the key to making sure that each can do their jobs to the best standards.  This is the service we offer.


Another name for perspective design is 3D Rendering.  This allows you to walk through you newly renovated space – you can see where all the furniture is, where the beds are and how it “feels” to be living there – a genuine way to ensure your quality renovations are exactly what you imagine them to be.

Space planning helps you to make the most of your home, giving you the space to do the things that are important to you.  With proper space planning you will have a home that suits your individual needs and is fully adapted to your unique lifestyle.

Working with Olio, you can turn your house into a home.  A true haven tailored to your very own unique living style, tastes and needs.  We can manage the complete process from start to finish – space planning to permits, conceptualization to peace of mind from quality work and friendly service

Having high quality Mechanical & Engineering works is critical to the success and lasting quality of any project.  Not only does the M&E work need to fit the plan, it also needs to be completed with competent, experienced and conscientious contractors – we have the experience to make this happen.

Olio offers a complete solution from end to end of your project – all the way from the consultation, through to design, permit submission, management of the onsite requirements, installation and final handover – including M&E work and a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind assurance.

A one stop furniture solution for your entire office, shopfront or hospitality venue.  Our systems can be customized fully to your office layout while maintaining a professional unified look throughout your premises.  Easy to install, efficient to move, high quality and durable are the key words that give you a great working environment.

Provides certified and trained Fire Safety Manager/Safety Officer to execute exercise proper to ensure your building is in compliance as per fire safety regulations.


  • Fire safety inspection
  • Fire Emergency Exercise
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Equipment
  • Risk Management